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Sunday, December 04, 2005
11:57 PM
The Keys to Your Heart
You are attracted to good manners and elegance.
In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.
You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.
Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.
In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.
What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

11:13 PM
It' s obviously been awhile since I last updated on this weblog of mine. So many life changing experiences. So much trials and tribulations. But yea, my faith has grown ever so strong. I don't need to go around showing off or whatsoever. It's all between me and the Father. No one else.

Friday, August 26, 2005
8:33 AM
The new project is horrible. We have to do up a site that is a soccer field's square area in 7 freaking weeks. i think a month is left. To be honest, im really like, slacking my toosh away, rotting in the monotony of projectwork. The first week was cool though. Really pia proj like woa, clockwork la. Nothing was to be left unturned. And results were good. But now...all i can say is that there is really no absolute progress. Im designing the plan from an aerial view nonstop. I can take forever and ever and ever.

And one more thing. I realised that my attitude toward school has waned. Badly. Never a day i can come early. Never a day i can come even 15 minutes late. This is bad. Very bad. No matter how kewl i do for my work, i can still fail my modules. so that A, A, B+, B+ for the previous Genesis project wont freaking help. At all. so yea. I must make effort to sleep early. Log out before 1am. Good for eyes too. And face..must make flawless. Must. Look. Good. Must. Feel. Good. That shall so be thy mantra for now. Prayers too last but not least. Need divine intercession. God will provide. I musnt give up. Yeahs.

Went out today. An outing to town. which rocked. Hai has a nice friend. Lets name her Sandra. She rocked, took awhile to warmup to me, but ok la. Same here. Went gilagila in no time. Had fun overall. Ate at taka and lucky. Nice boh? Den go starbux. Nice stuff. Never buy anything. Fats la! too full. And so went to the Heeren also. To do the darndest thing. Stand along railing. And rate people. Oh, how sinful. But loads of shyteful fun ya!

And so ends my entry. Yea, this one doesnt have bulgar words. Actually, this is the way i speak. Just translated into words. See, im a clean one.

Saturday, August 20, 2005
9:35 AM
Im still, like, having a hard time momorising the Apostles' Creed in Malay. So yea, i got onto www.wikipedia.org, where the articles in Malay are freaking scant, especially Christian ones, which are heavily censored by very scared and very disturbed Malaysian authorities (lol, sounds familiar. i think some mohammedan fanatics in DLA come from malaysia too). So yeah, i took the task of typing it whole for a whole new category. And now, i can safely say that i have memorized it. Not so well la, but still can pass. hehs. Mom should be proud.

Here goes..

Aku percaya kepada Allah, Bapa yang MahaKuasa,
Al-Khalik langit dan bumi.
Aku percaya kepada kepada Yesus Kristus, Anak Tunggal Allah, Tuhan kita.
Dikandungi dengan kuasa Roh Kudus
dan dilahirkan dara perawan Maria.
Yang menderita di bawah pemerintahan Pontius Pilatus,
disalibkan, mati, dan dikuburkan,
turun kedalam kerajaan maut.
Pada hari yang ketiga bangkit pula dari antara orang mati,
naik ke syurga,
duduk di sebelah kanan Allah, Bapa yang MahaKuasa.
Dan Dia akan datang dari sana untuk menghakimi orang yang hidup dan yang mati.
Aku percaya kepada Roh Kudus,
Gereja yang kudus dan am,
Persekutuan orang-orang kudus,
pengampunan dosa,
kebangkitan daging,
dan hidup yang kekal. Amin.

Saturday, August 06, 2005
1:15 AM
Bleah. I wonder why so many people are so against the way i blog. Sad la. but who cares. Its the way i react to daily situations. Faith does have an impact in my life. Duh, brought up in one ufcos natural bah. Very kudus kudus. And yea, i still got the right to curse too. haiyer, whateverr la. Major SianDiao perusing over such matters.

Anyhoos, the one week term break passed real quick. And i mean REAL quick. First half of week. Can die ah. Never go out. Rot at home stare at comp screen whole day reading and editing wikipedia.org. Yea, i have a boring life. but hey, i got pick up my violin and play sia. Woa, BIG improvement, since my on-purpose sabbatical. Tried some very lol sounding jig with alot of slurs. Boy that was funny sounding. Oh no, my vibrato very salah alrdy. But practise also must make sure no one at home la. If not hor, mama will keep on pestering me. "Eh, when u want to take your violin diploma?" tsk la! i lazy to take! hur hur HUR! Ma, u wait long long hokays? Now i wanna get my As for my landscape. Some things must wait. See? i so good one ya know, nvr go gallivanting looking for a deardear to splurge my moolah one. Yah, im a selfish think for myself only my money belongs to me not anyone else person.

The last lap of the week then the fun began to pick up la. Went to town and its precints from Thursdays onward. wahh seh, money well spent, or rather, too well spent. And yeaaaaa, for the first time. (yea yea, go ahead laugh at me la, im damn fuking suaku) i finally go clubbing. hehs. Was an impromptu thing though. lol duh, i clubbed in SLIPPERS. How unglam to the point of glam can it get huh? The club was chosen by Ying Hui's deardear for her 18th. Very beng leh, but since i am so into techno and eurodance, it worked for me. Got many salakau leh! Total LOL-inducing seeing them dancing their omgosh ya know la. Para para. omgosh. But okay la, still nice to see. Yeaa, two weeks never drink payback time sia. At least 10 glasses. ooh, i like. I want more la! Compared to the stuff at home, which is so aunty, duh see who drinks it la, mummy dearest, dunno wat wolf blass chardonnay la...so eeyer. lol tyh and shamz commented i danced like a bitch. Hoyeahs. Wanna go again before dear Shamz leaves for Norway once more. 11 more days!! MUST meet up. Holland V happy hours are a beckoning.

Den the next day, or rather, few hours later, gotta go for ministry meeting. You can ownself imagine how sleepy i was la hor? And they HAD to do a really cheem meeting with cheem content and i totally forced myself to cram in whatever is being brought forth. So yea, fake nods galore la. yayness, i gonna be usher for the church service again. I like being usher le. Can smile alot and shake people hands and pass them the cute pamphlets and rattling off a plethora of niceties. And to think i had obsessive compulsive disorder back then. Touch abit must clean. Madness. Go home. Sleep. Loong sleep. Sunday den wake up. Heh, den go town after church again. Ipehn treated. Swensens somemore. Nice le, so long never go makan there. wooh, i have such dahhling frens. And yea i know. I will have to treat them back one fine day too. lol lol. Oh, and by the way, i found out a really OMGOSH thing. My ex-colleague Seok Heah frm JP's swensens is now working at the Crown Holte branch.

Oh, the horrors of all maha horrors. oops, i dunno any English equivalent of a HUGE shocking thing la so "maha" suffices la hor. Yea, Seok Heah and all her clumsy glory, blurblur. haha, the JP staff loved her till they hated her. Period. I had to hide my face with the menu whenever she walked past. Heng ah, she was posted in another station. Whatever ah. i just dowanna see her. But i really wanna meet up with Shuyi and Teety and Nana and Jenny and Mother. These people. i love. And i really miss working at Swensens man. Free food le. You can get nothing better den dat. At least not monetarily-wise la.

Sunday, July 24, 2005
6:30 PM
Term break is here. Nothing special really. Its just one fuckin week that will surely make no difference, passing through like a blink. eew, weird connontations i said le. Oh heck, project's now over. I have to say lah, my group really really rocked. And yea, im telling the truth, not bad for a habitual kidder. And yea, the project went well. So smooth le, and i loved the design like woa. Its like some fukin good shit. hehs. Mind you, being in a project group where everyone else dont curse is really a hard thing for me. True, im as holyholy. lol, Alkitab readings anywhere and everywhere, praying before and after everything. But that doesnt mean my foul mouth is a hindrance for me to get closer to God no? Im sure Jesus wont mind me screaming KNNBCCB when im super fucked and pissed and frustrated with my self induced mistakes. Who are humans to judge la. Chibet.

And so it goes la. My beloved group based our design concept on the first chapter of the first book of the Old Testament. Yea yea, how convenient, owing to the fact at least two out of the four in the group has the Bible on the desk at any given time. Wahh seh, in three languages some more. Very United Nations hor. But den, i now say holyholy abit la hor? The Holy Spirit guided my grp to that title so yea. And Genesis it is. Yea, the "In the beginning, God created heaven and earth" story. And den hor, my group though over and over the word Genesis, what it means, what it signifies...bla bla..design is sucha frikkin bitch during the starting process. We decided to do a storybased line thing in the design of the garden. A fukin pathetic 6metres by 6metres square in the middle of nowhere. Ok, its somewhere, that Pasir Panjang Nursery, but i seriously doubt anyone will ever come to that place, lest you be a horticultural student, a worker frm NParks or some shit or just plain boliao you want to waste your time getting mozzie bites and melting under the cruel tropical sun.

Yah, so now right, we all submitted for our first interim the design proposal la. As usual lo. Tay hated it. Duh, that flaming atheist leaning toward Buddhism human being. Cheebye. He got guts ya knw. Stood up and clutched his chest and say right to our faces. "I am offended that you have chosen to Christianize this project."

Nabei lu ah. First things first. The Genesis story is just one of the many creation stories around the world. And it isnt specifically Christian, although its canonical in OUR religion, but thats another thing altogether. Jews and Muslims do hold it to be genuine and until today all three faiths still uphold the Sabbath day lo. But i hafta say nay on the Muslim part la. The Muslims in my course are just, satanic. See la, i see such pple who are not even proud of what they practice, how to have a good impression of their faith? So yea, that explains my slight dislike toward ya know who lah. Terrorists another matter. That one i talk later on. Wait long long.

So in order to properly appease and soothe tensions in class, we had to rethink that idea again, rephrase a great deal of words, sometimes even omitting the word "Creator" as well. Shit fuck la, why does my course have so many fucking atheists. Sorry lo, but i just cant stand that fact. Den now hor, our design becomes something very politically correct and i dare say i will slap anyone who dares criticize the design intent and the conceptual interpretation. Which happened, nonetheless. Now the concept of Genesis is smthn like reaching for greater heights and being and upholding the NParks vision of city in a garden and allowing people to interact with nature that kind of shit la. Wahh seh, NICE BOH?? See? my group very clever one. Model make nice nice. Presentation boards i do all, also very nice cos i love my group members too much la. Must honour them. Everything also do nice nice. Very the coordinated one ya know. Thanks to God. hah. In yer face ya flaming atheists. And tell ya what, even the lecturers including Tay were amazed by our group unity. No need talk look ta each other also can present something very naish.

lol. Fucking funny thing is, during presentation, some assholes still wanna ask and rebuke the seemingly two most strongest and most openly Christian members i.e. Sarah and I.
But den we were all too woozy because of the irish cream we downed before the presentation. *gasps* alcohol consumption within school grounds. durrrsh la, i put absolut in my metal canteen and drink during lecture also have la. They wanna shoot at me cos the day before i seemingly offended and ruffled some human feathers [read : Ego], when i said to a particular group which FUCKING BLATANTLY used the concept of the Bodhi tree. Ya know, the tree where Buddha got enlightened. CHIBET, and that group blatantly mentioned BUDDHA, BUDDHIST, ENLIGHTENMENT, RELIGION like for an eternity you know!!! Please lorh. But sorry guys, i wasnt meaning to shoot at yr group, cos Tay was standing there, so i wanted to irritate him only. And so i brought forth la "The very concept of putting a Bodhi tree and Buddha's enlightenment in your garden is it a good idea? it would seem like non Buddhists will not be compelled to enter. And will it be offensive to people who adhere to other faiths?"

Wah seh, that question really want to make many people sa jiao and go durrrsh and diaozz many times over la. So the a particular human being in my course i fell out with because of my faith and the fact i speak the same language as him and hes not too happy with the fact that i use the word "Tuhan Allah" in my prayers to Jesus Christ. He BOH LAM BA. Dunch dare ask me in the eye. hah. Now who's the fucked up asshole, skank? He go send messenger, char bor some more. Wa, this guy hor, really boh lam ba. So she go ask me the very same question. "Your concept is Genesis. Genesis is based on Christian story, cos you mentioned its taken from the story of Genesis. Wouldnt non Christians not want to enter an obviously Christian concept garden? I would, and i would be offended"

LOL. I stare at her damn fucking stoned la. Den smiled. In my heart i say, "u fucking bitch, why you listen to such a fucking loser and deliver his message who cant even stand up and bash the people he dunch like a.k.a. Christians". Den Sarah and I delivered an ab fab retort that really want to make people sa jiao and faitn and wake up and faint again. Please la. All four of us in my group did sufficient research on this subject and guess what, during the actual presentation itself we NEVER even said the word "God" when so many of you idiots out there who arent even Christian, Muslim or Jewish or subscribing to a monotheistic religion scream "Oh my God" everytime you see something shocking or just plain dumb. Fuck kanasai la. Very wuliao you know these kind of people. Bless them la. They got no life.

Den got another idiot also ask la. Go ask Amie. "Why dont you use the word Creation instead of an obviously Christian word, that is, Genesis"

Kanina beh chau chee Bet. That was like the lamest suggestion on the whole of this universe lah! Ami was quick to answer, an obvious sign that she prepared like wah liew the night before. Language doesnt matter. And its up to the designers discretion to choose whatever title head for a project. hah, in yer face you idiot-whos-so-into-eastern-religious-syncretism. heh. Ok you go and look at the Malay language Bible, which my family reads. Please lo. The book of Genesis is known as "Kejadian" in Malay. So like how ah? Other people cannot use the word "Kejadian" already leh, cos why? It's a Christian word. Same case for the Mandarin and Tamil Language Bibles ya know. Tamil explicitly translates it as CREATION. And Mandarin go make fancyfancy, say "A miraculous creation tale" or smthn. Get the logic you idiots who obviously eat only Stoopid Cereals for breakfast every morning. Language is language. Period.

Im so damn happy with my group project. Im so going to miss working with Tuson, Amie, and Sarah. And i thank God for this wonderful and fruitful term. Bless us all. Amen. ((:

Sunday, July 03, 2005
9:30 AM
Your Birthdate: October 5
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You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas.
You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel.

You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable.
Your mind is quick, clever and analytical.
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You may have a tendency to shirk responsibility

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Friday, July 01, 2005
6:12 AM
Yea. Been a while since i last posted here. Projectwork is suuuuper sian. Duh. As expected la. I see myself slacking the days away. But surprisingly, i do belive that my work is actually above average and even when i don't attend lectures i actually read up so i wont miss out. and i havent. Just a pity my attendance SUCKS. Horrible i tell ya. Super dee duper.

I love my project group!!! Thank you Lord for Tuson, Sarah and Amie!! They're the bestest mates i can ever wish for. lol, we're actually supposed to pray before and after every meeting. But yea, we've been slacking. You know lah, teenagers, who eat and eat and snack and talk nonsense all day long. Pigs. 'nuff said. But then hor, i suggested with much seriousness today. We're left with two more weeks to pia project. So we must do intensive work. So we shall pray and not forget our quiet time with the Lord. lol, as usual, all of us begin to tease Tuson, but yea, we all should be alert too. Just like how alert u gonna be when youre hunting. Precision is important. And precision with God's grace will ultimately save the day! Yah, save our project work man! Must do well! My grades soooo must help my failing attendance records. Durrsh.

Shyama's back home in Singapore! Can say la, Shamz rely blossomed into a woa lass. Open minded (duh she was back in CTSS), no she's even more open now, gives her opinions freely. Thats good, been a while since i had a serious intellectual talk over wine and margaritas. YingHui was present too la, and everything was a fricking blast! Healthy fun, healthy conversations about life. Love them to bits! ((:

Eh, got sale at G2000 le. Tuson and Sarah called me just for that. Thanks guys! So gotta get black smart pants and a chich looking black top. Will be so cool. And heard its freakin cheap too! Gotta go buy after church man! woot wootz. Hais, i still wanna get stuff from TopMan le. They just look so yummy.And new shoes and berms or capri pants. Nice! Oh yea, wanna get the latest Alkitab too. Leather covers and Jesus' words in red lettering i think. Even nicer. Reading God's Word will be sucha blast with that new Alkitab.

Cell group was splendid today. We learnt that Jesus died to save all our sins once and for all. And His love unconditional, meaning all laws He has hierarchy over la. And that God doesnt want us to be fearful with fulfilling laws. He wants us to love Him as we can. If busy, nevermind, later can. God is always there. He loves us so much and love in the heart, our hearts, that with it, we are compelled to do good from our own initiatives. No need for rigid prayer, rosary sayings, prostrations, joss stick burnings, whatever. See how easy it is? Christ made it easy for us all. Laws on earth are actually directions to lead the blind to Him! And we who have known Him are now seeing children of God!! Amen and Hellelujah! ((:

Canoeing tmrw afternoon before Bahasa Melayu worship service at st.James. Gonna have a loooong day ahead man!

Here I am waiting
Abide in me I pray
Here I am longing
For You
Hide me in Your love
Bring me to my knees
May I know Jesus
More and more

Come live in me
All my life
Take over
Come breathe in me
And I will rise
On eagle's wings
Eagle's Wings
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